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When no one is there to tell you what needs to be done, it can be hard to stay motivated. Losing track of what to do and the energy to do it is a common problem for entrepreneurs, but it’s one that can be solved. Here are ten tips for helping an entrepreneur to stay motivated.


  1. Knowing The Why

What was the purpose of starting the business? Was it to have more freedom or more money? To help people or share a unique idea? Whatever the reason may be, remember it for when things get tough.


  1. Having Clear Goals

To know where the business is headed can eliminate some confusion. If a business owner doesn’t know what they should do next, it can be hard to stay motivated.


  1. Make A Routine

Having consistency is a secret to success. Knowing that there are certain times to work and times to take breaks will lower anxiety by knowing what to expect from a work week, lowing likelihood of avoidance behaviors like procrastination.


  1. Know The Numbers

Some of the most empowering knowledge an entrepreneur can utilize is their numbers. To keep an eye on what’s working and what’s not working makes it easier to make the right adjustments.


  1. Positive Self-talk

It’s common to have some self-defeating thoughts going unchecked. Making a point to reaffirm positive thoughts and beliefs builds confidence and boosts self-esteem.


  1. Remember To Exercise

A healthy lifestyle can go a long way for an entrepreneur. Getting exercise will naturally lower stress. In addition to creating more energy, it refreshes and resets the psyche.


  1. Utilize Energy Wisely

Plan the most crucial task for early in the day. Leave responding to emails or updating social media for later in the workday, when less brain power is available.


  1. Plan For Rewards

A well-planned celebration can go a long way when you’ve been slaving away on a project. Make a point to plan a party, go out to dinner, or celebrate in some style when a big project is completed.


  1. Socialize With Motivating People

Its normal to take on the habits, good and bad, of our frequent company. Make a point to limit time with those who drain you, and seek out others who are achieving success themselves.


  1. No More Pity Parties

Know that the choice to be an entrepreneur is a personal one. If giving up is not an option, then give up instead on the habit of feeling bad about struggles. It is a common but wasteful way to spend precious mental energy. Instead, use that energy to imagine new ways to overcome those problems.