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When many people hear the term artificial intelligence, they often think it is technology that will invade their lives and take their jobs. In reality, AI is technology that companies use to improve people’s everyday lives. Companies invest millions of dollars in AI to improve their processes and their customer’s experiences.


Studies also suggest that more people are beginning to accept AI and incorporate it into their everyday tasks. Some experts speculate that AI could change the way companies run their entire operations. The technology is potentially life-changing. Here are some AI trends business owners and entrepreneurs should watch for in 2019.


Advancements in AI Assistance


Alexa and Siri have been fixtures in consumers’ homes for several years. This form of artificial intelligence can perform basic functions such as providing weather updates or finding a local restaurant. Many experts suggest these assistants will go through big changes in 2019. The changes could include providing individual user experiences that go well beyond playing songs or finding recipes.


Speech and Image Recognition


The technology behind AI makes it possible to recognize and understand speech, and some experts feel it will give computers the ability to see images. Image recognition is the ability to analyze and process data from visual cues. In 2019, AI-backed technology could give computers with image recognition the power to complete payments using photo verification or identify and diagnose certain diseases.


AI-Backed Conversational Search


Searching by using conversational phrases with AI-powered personal assistants will be a hot commodity in 2019, according to experts. Instead of typing in awkward text phrases to start a search, consumers will have the power to find what they need using conversational phrases. The bottom line is the answers people get when they search for something will get better using AI-powered technology.


More Advanced Virtual Agents


Chatbots are rising in popularity among businesses, but the technology still has its limitations in how it can solve consumer problems. Chatbots can answer basic customer questions, but 2019 could see faces associated with those chatbots in the form of virtual agents. The agents may even have a personality to match the face. Some companies have virtual agents, and the technology is advanced enough to get the agents to speak in the brand’s voice. More companies will invest in advanced virtual agents in 2019, according to AI experts.