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Despite recurring fictional themes where machines enslave humanity while a group of brave humans band together to overthrow their oppressors, consumers are beginning to embrace artificial intelligence. AI is becoming commonplace for all types of industries, and people are using apps on their smartphones and in their homes that utilize it in many ways.


Many people now have AI assistants in their homes and on the go. Apps such as Siri, Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana are making people’s lives easier. These apps able to understand natural language instructions to perform a variety of tasks including internet searches, controlling household electronics, supplying information about news and weather or playing a specific song.


Voice search technology is expected to improve rapidly in the near future. Not only are search engines better able to understand conversational queries and voice queries, but they’re expected to provide more conversational and intelligent answers that will directly answer people’s questions. Search engines will soon be able to ask questions that help clarify your queries in order to give a more helpful answer. The days of simply receiving a list of links to semi-relevant websites are long gone.


Chatbots and automated voice systems have been around for a long time, but they have been primarily a nuisance until recently. Soon these AI-powered tools will exhibit much more human-like intelligence and offer customer service that is closer to the quality provided by live representatives.


Not only are computers becoming more capable of understanding speech, but they’re becoming much better at recognizing images. Image recognition has powerful applications in many industries. This technology is being used to diagnose illnesses, verify identities, read license plate numbers and many other applications.


The effects of AI are being felt even more in the business world. AI-powered recruiting tools are helping businesses find the right talent for their teams in job markets where this is sometimes difficult or nearly impossible otherwise.


AI is also being used to enhance internet and data security for businesses. Many types of IT infrastructure are regularly targeted by cybercrime. AI systems are currently able to detect suspicious activities throughout large networks to anticipate attacks before they happen and initiate countermeasures.


As the years go by, AI will be rapidly changing every aspect of business and home life. There has never been a better time for entrepreneurs to look at ways to use AI to accelerate their business endeavors.