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Company champions or resource groups remain an integral part of any company as they are involved in building company culture through inclusion and diversity. Over the years, company champions have played a significant role in building a community within work areas. They play an essential role by implementing and transitioning a company’s culture since they are intermediaries between the leadership and employees by providing the management with relevant information. They offer suggestions that work during critical moments since they relate with both parties; thus, they know what works best. For an organization to benefit from these groups, there are a few steps to follow.

A Company has to Align its Mission and Vision with ERGs

It’s essential to have an employee resource group role well defined in a company. It states what is expected from the ERG leaders and resource allocation to ensure smooth operation in a company’s community. To achieve satisfactory results, a company may have ERGs reporting to a group, proving that their processes align with the companies plan.

A Company should Confirm Executive Sponsorship and Goals

A company should clearly outline its intent in members’ commitment and how it will support its growth. It should indicate how it plans to help employees grow by supporting their suggestions and creating a suitable work environment. Confirming its role in support and sponsorship gives ERGs relief since they can be listened to and their recommendations implemented.

Calculate and Secure a Budget

For an ERG to perform well, financial support is vital. Due to a lack of budget allocation, most ERG leaders have difficulty trying to fund different projects. Hence, it helps to get an annual budget allocation from a centralized resource. With available funding, a company’s champions can achieve their targeted role without scraping for funding.

Rewarding ERG Leaders for Good Performance

Running an ERG can be quite demanding; hence an organization needs to recognize some of its leaders and reward them. This gesture shows how important they are to the organization, thus motivating every member to give their best. It might also be promoted as long as it sparks positivity and shows just how vital ERG is to its contribution.

Encourage Resource Sharing across ERGs

A company’s success is determined by how well its ERGs can relate without the feeling of discrimination. It is beneficial for the ERGs to coexist harmoniously for their success.