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Many factors influence whether a new business will succeed or fail. Among the most important, however, is the entrepreneur’s character. Great entrepreneurs who run successful businesses often convey the five following character qualities.


#1) Self-Motivated


Without a boss dictating their tasks and telling them what to do, entrepreneurs must be self-motivated to succeed. From waking up early in the morning to clocking extra hours on the weekend, entrepreneurs must motivate themselves to succeed. Those who lack the determination to grow and nurture their business will get pushed out of the market by their competitors.


#2) Ability to Lead Others


Another quality differentiating great entrepreneurs from their less-successful counterparts is the ability to lead to others. When running a business, entrepreneurs must train and lead workers to perform their business’s operations. If an entrepreneur has poor leadership skills, his or her workers won’t have the direction they need to perform tasks in a productive, efficient manner.


#3) Goal-Oriented


All great entrepreneurs are goal-oriented, meaning they are focused on achieving one or more specific goals. Going through the everyday motions of running a business isn’t enough to keep a new organization afloat. Entrepreneurs must set short- and long-term goals, and they should structure their operations to achieve these goals.


#4) Passionate About Work


Great entrepreneurs are also passionate about their work. They invest their heart and soul into their business, spending countless hours researching new ideas and optimizing their operations. And when they aren’t working, these entrepreneurs are thinking of their business and ways to improve it. Entrepreneurs who lack this passion may find themselves making excuses for missed deadlines and other internal problems that can hinder their business’s performance.


#5) Not Afraid to Fail


Great entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to fail. They know they’re already taking a risk by starting a business, so they go all in by exploring products, services or ideas with high earnings potential. Even when something fails, entrepreneurs will gain invaluable knowledge from the experience, which they can apply to their business’s other activities.


Anyone can start or take over a business. It takes an entrepreneur with the right character qualities, however, to create a successful business. With the five qualities listed here, entrepreneurs can take the reigns of their business, driving it on the path to success.