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Two principles of successful people are never waste time on things that don’t bring you closer to your goals and never pass by an opportunity to learn something new. Podcasts are a wonderful way of achieving both of these aims without committing the time, money, and energy necessary to attend seminars, read books or sign up for classes.


How To Start a Startup


This podcast is a step-by-step course on everything you will need to know during your first year of operations. It covers everything from building a team, creating a workable product and marketing. The twenty episodes feature notable names in business and are packed with everything you need to know to get your startup off the ground.




Whether you’re an entrepreneur, solopreneur, digital nomad, or freelancer, this podcast is for you. Designed for people who just aren’t meant to work for anybody else, this podcast is full of insights on how to grow your business, manage the challenges of being unemployable, and create the lifestyle that you want using little more than your laptop.


She Did It Her Way


Women face unique challenges in the marketplace. She Did It Her Way is a podcast that features advice, motivation, and insight for women entrepreneurs. It was named one of the 12 Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs by Forbes Magazine and continues to grow in popularity.




Wonder is another female-centric podcast that invites listeners to learn from the life and experience of female entrepreneurs who are changing the game, one startup at a time. They cover topics as far-ranging as developing a work-life balance and business leadership.


The Pitch


How do you impress venture capitalists? This podcast seeks to answer this and numerous related questions for aspiring entrepreneurs. Learn which factors determine whether or not investors give you a yes or a no. This podcast is a great resource as you build your strategy to approach investors.




Building your brand is essential to growing your business and the guests on Youpreneur know just how to do it. Explore branding, advertising, and monetizing your brand with industry experts with your host, Chris Ducker.


Eventual Millionaire


Learn from the moguls how they made their millions or billions, and what separates them from everybody else. Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes that prevent people from taking their business to the next level.


Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Series


If you are looking for a podcast with more of an academic flavor, then this is the podcast for you. The guests include venture capitalists, Stanford faculty, and some of the biggest names in the business.